Get your Construction Cleanup down to the last element Are you looking for post-construction cleaning services after remodeling your home? If you said yes, CleanStar has you covered at every turn. We focus on the small elements like trims, horizontal ledges, baseboards, light fittings, and more in order to minimize construction and drywall dust and increase cleanliness. You simply turn the key when we've finished cleaning to be ready for business. Regardless of the services you select, Cleanstar will guarantee that your new commercial building is welcoming, spotless, and cozy. Additionally, we collaborate closely with contractors and other service specialists to help ensure that your timetables and deadlines are followed because we are aware that construction can be unpredictable.

Vacuuming carpets

Remove dirt, smudges, dust, and scuffs from walls

Dusting window sills and all molding

Cleaning lights, walls, interior glasses

Dedicated to Better Clean
Your recently finished home project left you with a mess? It should be given the respect it deserves, whether it is a new addition, a floor that has been renovated, or only minor aesthetic improvements. It’s crucial to exercise caution when using chemicals to clean because some products may have a detrimental impact on particular surfaces or materials. Our experts at CleanStar have the skills and eco-friendly cleaning products to guarantee that your new project is handled with extreme care. Additionally, a qualified employee oversees our house cleaning team to make sure they uphold our brand’s promise of 100% client satisfaction.

Extensive cleaning
Get a thorough clean with our post construction cleaning up services Toronto to turn your property spotless and ready to use. Our staff does more than just clean; we also clear away trash and dust, cleaning all baseboards, window seals, blinds, door frames, and closets to guarantee that any filth and dust are eliminated and your property is left looking clean and new. All bathrooms are sanitized, the inside and outside of cabinets are cleaned, all services, including mirrors and frames, are cleaned, and your light fixtures are made pristine. Even the residual paper, dirt, and other construction-related garbage will be removed, leaving you with a home that is ready for occupancy. We’ll also clean up any extra paint splatters from the floor and appliances.

Additional Post-Construction Cleaning Services
Call our team right away, and we’ll talk you through your alternatives, hear your needs and some specifics about your project, and provide you with a comprehensive assessment and free price. We don’t waste your time with mediocre services since we are aware of how much time and work it takes to plan and carry out any remodeling or construction job. Whether it’s a commercial or residential property, we’re happy to work with you on any unique requirements in addition to our usual post construction cleaning up services Toronto.