Experience CleanStar’s difference on your floor Want to revive the shine of your floors? The best time to wax or strip floors might be difficult to determine for both low and high-usage areas. The professionals at Cleanstar have the practical knowledge and skill necessary to guarantee that you don't end up stripping or waxing more than is necessary. A crucial initial step toward properly maintained floors is routinely cleaning and buffing, but this only goes so far after a floor area has experienced significant wear and tear. When that happens, more thorough stripping and waxing services are required to revive your floors.

Extend floor lifetimes

Increase efficiency of scrubbing/buffing

Optimize floor appearance

Protect the substrate

Floor striping
Bring your floors back to life through our floor stripping services. It’s probably time to get your floors stripped when scrubbing and buffing no longer provide a professional sheen so that our staff can apply a fresh layer of wax and revive your flooring. In order to ensure that your floor is safeguarded for many years to come, stripping involves more effort than cleaning or buffing. You’re left with an uneven foundation when floor stripping isn’t handled properly by a professional, making it difficult to apply a new coat of wax.

Floor waxing
Get the overnight transformation and feel the renewed and refreshed floor in the morning. With stripped floors, our professionals of floor stripping and waxing services Toronto are specialists at adding a fresh coat of wax. We will choose the waxing solution that is most suitable for your infrastructure using our experience working with a range of flooring systems. We’re appropriately putting your flooring system in the best possible position to accept future wax applications by generating the cleanest base layer imaginable. We can extend the amount of time you can go between floor stripping treatments as a result of this procedure.

We are up to the task, even though it is a big job
More work than most commercial businesses can safely do in-house is required for a strip and wax. To accomplish the work properly, expensive machinery is required, and it requires caution to prevent leaving smudges or footprints behind. As part of the CleanStar difference, our professionals of floor stripping and waxing services Toronto are dedicated to providing the most recent waxing and stripping technologies, allowing us to provide long-lasting value to your infrastructure. We only work with the most reputed manufacturers in the business to provide services that completely alter how your company runs.