Hire Us to make your apartment space look its best Had a challenging work week? You have too many errands to run. However, you are itching to unwind and spend some time with your loved ones. It's not just you who is experiencing these issues. Many city inhabitants find it difficult to fit all of these weekend activities into their busy schedules. There are only so many hours in a day, and there is so much to accomplish! So, instead of spending your Saturday afternoon sweeping, dusting, doing laundry, and vacuuming, we bet you'd prefer to be hanging out and having fun. Yet there is a solution! CleanStar will be happy to assist you in coming up with a plan to provide apartment cleaning services.

Ceiling fans

Baseboards and under furniture

Mirrors and windows

Pictures and other wall art

Honest and Reliable
Believe Us! The CleanStar is one of the most trusted and reliable apartment cleaning services Toronto, if you don’t want to take our word for it—ask our satisfied customers. You can rely on us to keep your flat spotless at all times because of our commitment to hard work and dedication. A team of seasoned maids and apartment cleaners that are totally committed to finishing the task well makes up our staff. Our quickness, punctuality, and integrity are our strengths. CleanStar consistently delivers trustworthy cleaning. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied, which reflects our strong dedication to client satisfaction.

A thorough clean for tight spaces
Contrary to what you believe, a tiny area is not always simple to keep clean. Numerous obscured crevices and corners are perfect breeding grounds for dirt, pathogens, and filth. Every inch of your apartment or condo will shine and gleam because of our skilled workers’ knowledge of where to look and their arsenal of processes and techniques. We remove dust, filth, and grime from surfaces throughout your home, such as floors, baseboards, countertops, and surfaces. A clean and hygienic environment is guaranteed by our attention to detail in your kitchen and bathroom.

Trust our Experience for complete satisfaction
Still hesitating? Don’t be! We can promise your complete happiness because our apartment cleaning services Toronto will adhere to all of your unique wants and preferences. We put your comfort first and will go above and beyond to meet your standards! Our business has been in business for more than two decades, and we are pleased that every month, we add new delighted customers to the list. Our experts use specialized detergents, professional washing equipment, and dusting to clean surfaces that have been contaminated. Only professionals with training and expertise clean luxurious apartments. Your flat will be spotless, and our staff will carefully care for your priceless possessions.