Make your window dazzle, glisten, and shine Is your window clean enough to allow light into your home when the sun is shining? Call our technicians who have a wealth of experience cleaning a variety of windows, including single, double, and French panes as well as glass panels, skylights, patio covers, storm windows, solariums, and more. For both indoor and outside window cleaning, we have the necessary tools. Our technicians are skilled in cleaning anything made of glass. In order to give your windows a spotless and streak-free shine, we employ the most advanced water purification technology. We can also reach even the hardest windows thanks to our cutting-edge carbon fiber extension poles.

Exterior and interior window cleaning

Storm window cleaning

Glass rail panel cleaning

Skylight washing

Highly professional
Sit back and relax with our highest cleaning standards using programmes that are specifically made to cater to your demands. Every single one of us is completely licensed, bonded, and insured. The goal of all CleanStar technicians’ training is to give you the greatest experience and service possible. All of our cleaning supplies are put through testing, and we employ specialized window-cleaning equipment that filters out any minerals or microminerals that could harm your windows. We regularly instruct our window cleaners to be mindful of their surroundings and follow best practices.

Residential window cleaning
Don’t want to deal with the stress, hustle or risk of cleaning your house’s challenging-to-reach windows? Let CleanStar professionals handle your domestic window cleaning requirements to keep your house looking lovely both inside and out. You might be surprised at how economical residential window washing is, even if you didn’t think it fit into your home maintenance budget. Call CleanStar Window Cleaning Services Toronto to avoid the effort and risk of performing your own residential window cleaning.

Commercial window cleaning
Maintain the greatest possible appearance for your building, offices, or storefront with CleanStar’s expert commercial window cleaning services Toronto. Let us maintain your company’s attractive appearance while you concentrate on what you do best. By hiring our skilled, insured professionals to handle your commercial window cleaning, you eliminate the possibility of unskilled staff members suffering an accident on the job. You and your staff can concentrate on what you do best when you know that your business window washing is being done correctly. We have extensive experience in high-rise buildings and offer dependable commercial window cleaning services to establishments in the Greater Toronto Area.