Create a Clean, Safe, and Infect-Free Learning Environment Having a clean and healthy environment for our children is of the utmost importance. That is why here at CleanStar, school cleaning services Toronto have trained to perform cleaning services to the highest standard. It is crucial to periodically sterilize the surroundings because there are many dangerous microorganisms that might endanger children. We also understand cleaning to improve health in schools is crucial to minimize sick days. CleanStar franchise janitorial businesses’ approach to school cleaning is flexible to handle the variety of situations and schedules they encounter, yet disciplined enough to meet the strict requirements associated with these institutions.

Regular cleaning throughout the school term

End-of-term school extensive cleaning

Communal area cleaning

Antiviral disinfection (sanitization)

Reliability and safety
Trust our reliable, trustworthy cleaners for your educational setting that requires a high standard of cleaning. We adhere very closely to the need that all cleaners who work in schools and nurseries undergo police checks and maintain current DBS certificates. Prior to receiving one-on-one instruction from one of our supervisors, each of our cleaners undergoes a personal interview, testing, and thorough vetting by our management. We look over their immunization history. We don’t begin assigning our new cleaners to jobs until we are sure of their abilities.

Comprehensive cleaning
Get your dusty and germy areas of classrooms clean now. When given the option, parents these days are very picky about where they’ll send their kids to school. Even if their kids go to public schools, though, they’ll be very worried about the facilities their kids would be spending hours a day in. To help you plan and then carry out important cleaning services for these unique clients, CleanStar’s highly skilled school cleaning services Toronto are accessible for consultation. They will bring extensive experience cleaning small but important spaces, such as keyboards, water fountains, dining tables, and library shelves.

Taking pride in details
The franchisees of CleanStar’s commercial cleaning division put a strong emphasis on every facet of commercial cleaning, including attention to detail.

Dust flat surfaces including windowsills, kickboards, and baseboards under counters, among others.

Clear the cobwebs

Wipe high-touch areas like door handles and light switches.

Cleaning the counters, showers, sinks, and commodes

Clean the phones

Clean the counters, appliances, and cabinets

The ability to uphold the highest cleaning and sanitization standards, which are important to the safe functioning of your business, is a skill that CleanStar franchisees bring to the table. To develop, carry out, and sustain the extremely important educational purpose of your facility, they are prepared to consult with you.