Get a higher standard of floor cleaning with a personal touch. It might be a difficult and never-ending chore to clean your floors. Commercial building floors can sustain a lot of wear and tear over the course of a workweek, leaving behind soiled, dull surfaces. Our commercial floor cleaning services enhance flooring's beauty and safeguard it from the risks of early deterioration or even irreversible harm. Your flooring may become dirty from daily use, especially around doorways and heavily used furniture. To get rid of dirt, dust, and other forms of particles that can harm commercial surfaces, we employ cutting-edge cleaning equipment. Commercial space types that CleanStar Floor Cleaning provides top-notch cleaning and maintenance services to include industrial, office, hospital, higher education, and specialty buildings.


Stone and Tile


Vinyl Laminate

Planning and executing
Trust our floor cleaning service Toronto to maintain your flooring for longer, saving you money over time. For you, CleanStar can develop a strategy that considers the amount of foot activity and the type of flooring to decide how frequently any surface has to be waxed and buffed. Our floor cleaning products go through extensive testing over a period of three to six months on a variety of surfaces to make sure they won’t etch or discolor the surfaces they are meant to clean and that they are secure for you and the environment. Our cleaning technology is always evolving, and we employ some of the best, most dependable tools available. To use the machines, waxes, and materials we provide, our cleaners have undergone training and certification.

Tile and grout cleaning
Hire us for professional tile and grout cleaning. You want to leave a positive first impression on visitors because your floors are the first thing visitors see when they enter your house or office. But unclean tile floors don’t make anyone seem good. Call CleanStar Floor Cleaning services Toronto, and we’ll make your tile floors sparkle. Moreover, we provide grout cleaning services. You can properly clean your tile floors, but they will never seem genuinely spotless if your grout cannot be cleaned. Trust the pros at CleanStar Floor Maintenance to clean hard-to-reach grout. Call us right away to schedule a consultation.

Hard floor cleaning service
Allow our hard floor cleaning procedure for removing filth and restoring the appearance of your hard floors, and leaving them exceptionally clean and shiny. The persistent grime that is embedded deep into the pores of your hardwood floors is simply beyond the reach of routine mopping and cleaning, but CleanStar’s deep cleaning procedure does. To remove stubborn contaminants and grime, we combine a high-speed rotary disc with a wood floor-safe cleaning solution. After the floor has been thoroughly cleaned, we treat it with our proprietary protective finish to help maintain the spotless appearance and provide a consistent shine.