Hire us for a touch of perfection you deserve Allow our skilled operators to provide you and your business with top-notch services with quality assurance practices. Your office or store's appearance speaks a lot about you. We'll take a look at your property and get to know your building before deciding on a strategy that works best for your company. To maintain a clean workspace, reduce sick days, and boost productivity, our cleaning specialists will work around your office hours. Your clients and staff will be aware that your company is doing everything it can to help flatten the curve thanks to our sanitizing and disinfection services.

Green Cleaning

Detailed elevator cleaning

General property cleaning

Maintenance of non-resilient and resilient flooring

Customized to your needs
Looking for a healthy atmosphere for your clients and staff? We are well aware that this is a crucial component of your facilities. To do this, a range of adaptable cleaning alternatives are provided by our commercial cleaning services Toronto. For a more individualized response to your disinfection requirements, CleanStar offers scalable degrees of protection for your company. Our service can be tailored to meet your demands, whether you require prolonged surface disinfection and air filtering or a more straightforward method to accommodate your facility’s hectic schedule.

Standard cleaning
Based on the unique requirements and usage patterns of your facility, more time will be spent cleaning a wider range of high-touch sites. The additional high-touch locations that need to be cleaned are tailored to your facility’s unique requirements and usage patterns. In addition to disinfecting frequent high-touch sites, your facility will be cleaned to the historically high standards that have helped the CleanStar brand build its reputation, enhance staff morale, and remove organic matter & dirt to preserve the ecosystem.

Save time and money
Decrease your costs and cleaning time by around 25% by outsourcing your cleaning needs to us while maintaining a clean and healthy atmosphere. After getting to know your facility, we’ll design a cleaning and disinfecting schedule that properly suits your requirements. We may arrange for our commercial cleaning services Toronto to be performed when and how often is most convenient for you and your establishment. Knowing that our team members have received specialized training to address the particular demands of your facility within the time limit will give you peace of mind. For many years, we have delivered commercial cleaning services that go above and beyond the expectations of our clients.